Saturday, March 15, 2014

Get Hired Online

Work differently in today's freelance revolution, a world's leading platform for online work is now welcoming workers from home. Over 500,000 businesses and more than 2million freelancer's use this system in 170+ countries.

An innovative global enterprises, small businesses and start-ups tap into this talent pool, building teams from software engineers, application developers, web development and graphics designers to copy writers, market researchers, data scientists, social media markets, customer service agents, and other business professionals.

Here's the 3 easy step to get started 

  1. REGISTER - Submit a short online application
  2. PROMOTE - Add a link on your website or blog
  3. GET PAID - Earn money when your visitors sign-up           

Get paid when your visitors sign up as employers 

  • Free Job Posting – $1
  • Free Job Poster adds a verified credit card – $50*
  • Premium Job Posting – $50*
  • Repeat Job Posting – $5 
            (*Job post value must be $100 or greater)
Get paid when your visitors sign up as job-seekers 

  • Free Provider Membership – $1
  • Paid Provider Membership – $5


  • Earn up to $51 per customer
  • Get paid easily
  • It's free to join and participate 


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